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Black Square is a derivative of Malevich (, a popular code review system. Just like Malevich is used for code reviews, BlackSquare is designed for spec review - in fact, for reviewing any word document.

Reviewing with Black Square is extremely easy. To request a review, the author of the spec (which must be a Microsoft Word document) goes to the Black Square web site where he or she can upload the document and add people who would be reviewing it. The reviewers then get an email with the link to the document.

They download the document and use Microsoft Office built-in commenting functionality to review it. To prevent them from accidentally modifying the file, Black Square locks the document in such a way that only commenting is allowed. After the review is complete, all reviewers upload the file with their comments back to the web site. Upon upload, Black Square merges all comments from all reviewers into a single copy, which is then made available to the author as well as all the subsequent reviewers.

When reviews are received, an author can download the document with all the comments, address them, and upload it back to the system. Alternatively, the author can just respond to the comments in the current iteration in the same way the reviewers leave their comments.

The reviewers then do the next round of review, and the process continues until they are all satisfied with the results.

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